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We pride ourselves on our communication with our Boards of Directors, our residents and our vendors.  Customer satisifaction is important for any business.  We offer our Boards a clear understanding of how an efficient Association operates, proper guidance to ensure that the Association is operated properly, and the know-how to adapt a property's strategy to best bring about positive results. No two Associations are alike. Each Association develops its own personality, with its own unique set of strengths and weaknesses.


Our community, Cromwell Fountain 2, has had 3 property management companies in the 9+ years I have lived there.  By far, Howard Property Management has been the best.  Cory and her team are responsive to the needs of the owners by addressing issues promptly.  As board president, they have provided the board with reports that help us manage our community better, and good counsel to help us make decisions that improve our community.  HPM has looked for ways to reduce our expenses, suggesting contracts to be re-bid, and using contractors which provide great service for lower cost than in the past.  I would strongly recommend Howard Property Management to be your next property management company.
This letter is written on behalf of the Greystone Condominium Community Association and Board.  This letter is written as a resounding endorsement of the team at Howard Property Management.

Prior to contracting Howard Property Management the Greystone Community had what can be termed a 'typical' property management experience, poor communication, confrontational interactions, with generally disconnected leadership.  It was for those reasons we sought a partnership with Howard Property Management.  The team at Howard Property Management has brought sweeping change to our community with their hands-on approach.  Their personnel can frequently be seen working actively on the grounds of our community.  Any problems are always addressed quickly, efficiently, and effectively.  Howard Property Management seems to always be available.  They are easy to communicate with and interactions are always friendly and courteous.  Howard Property Management goes above and beyond the call of duty. For these reason it is an absolutely pleasure to offer the highest appreciation and endorsement of the work done by Howard Property Management.

For the Greystone Community Howard Property Management has become more than just a property manager, they have become both neighbors and friends.


Our community has been with Howard Property  Management for nearly eight years, and the experience has proven to be entirely positive.   In addition to providing prompt resolution of an issue, they have always been extremely helpful and professional    They have always shown a genuine interest in providing each homeowner with top quality service.  I thoroughly endorse and recommend Howard Property Management.

Board of Directors

Vantage Point Condominiums