Making improvements to your home?

Contact our office to verify if an architecutral application needs to be submitted.

Do you have the right Property Manager?

If you are changing anything in the exterior of your home that will change the look of your home, you must complete and submit an architectural application. 

The application will be forwarded to the board for review and your will be notified of the results.

If you live in Columbia, you may need to submit to your village center. 


Request an Architectural Application

 As a liaison to the Board, our staff will accept and forward architectural applications to the Board of Directors that our received by members of the community. If the Board develops any concerns, we will relay them to the unit owner and help answer questions to expedite approval/denial of the application. We will forward the approved or disapproved application back to the unit owner and maintain a copy for the association's records. 

All requests will be responded to by one of our property managers within one to two business days.  We are currently open Monday through Thursday from 8am to 6pm.  

Please note that you must fully complete the architectural application which will be forwarded to you upon requests. Plans, photos, examples, etc. are all needed to support your application.  This request does not substitute completing an application.